Design Defaults

An introduction to the principles and terminology of graphic design via infographic sheets.

What are Design Defaults?

The "Design Default" idea was born out of the desire to take the various topics of design and boil them down to one page infographics. Much like the placemats many of us used to learn the alphabet or planets when we were kids.

Using examples from both the Digital Arts & Design and Graphic Design degrees, the Design Defaults can be used to introduce a topic of design before you dive deep in your courses or used as a review. There is a lot to remember as you go through your courses. Use these sheets as a reminder of everything you need to think about as you create your projects.

Download the PDF. Print them out and keep them where you want to create amazing designs.
Download Design Defaults v5

  • Creativity

    A jumpstart to the creative process.

  • Inspiration

    Where to go to help with developing ideas.

  • Color Theory

    How do you master color theory? This page covers the language of color and gives examples of color schemes or palettes.

  • Components of Art & Design

    The most important elements of art and the principles of design. The foundation of all design projects.

  • Composition

    How do you create compelling compositions? See examples of what you need to consider when composing your designs.

  • Logo Design

    An introduction to the fundamentals of logo design.

  • Typography

    Fonts! How do choose them? Learn the most important things to consider when chosing a font.

  • Grids

    How to make your pages look consistent and amazing.

  • Infographics

    Design your information to be interesting and effective.

  • Advertising

    How do you create effective advertising? The process of it takes to plan and design a quality advertisement.

  • Package Design

    An essential part of Advertising. Extend the Brand to the packaging.

  • Web Design

    Design language for the interactive environment.

  • Illustration

    Purposeful, directed graphics that convey an idea and are visually interesting.

  • Photography

    Purposeful, directed graphics that convey an idea and are visually interesting.

  • Storytelling

    Creating a narrative is an essential part of every visual project.

  • Critique

    An introduction to the fundamentals of logo design.

Mike Havekotte - Author & Designer

DAD & GRD instructor, Mike Havekotte, researched, wrote and designed the Design Defaults. Mike has taught classes throughout the degrees. He loves content, layout, writing, editing and using imagery in advertising and editorial for both print and digital media. Also - Mike can always be counted on to give a strong/honest critique of your designs.