What are Design Essentials?

Core design curriculum for students across the degree.

No matter where you are in the GRD or DAD degree—the design essentials video series is for you. This collection of videos are designed to cover the most essential parts of the software as well as key design concepts that are critical to your success as a designer.

The videos are relatively short but there are lots of them. This will make it easier to use the Design Essentials as a review if you are in the more advanced course.

For the Beginner

These videos start from the ground up and cover only the most essential skills. Each lesson includes both "Try it" sections where you are encouraged to follow along. There are also "Practice" Files where you can practice various techniques on your own.

For the Advanced Student

Each lesson has a "Speed Round" - This is a 1 minute video (well...roughly 1 minute) that quickly reviews the points of the lesson. So if you are using the Design Essentials as a review you can start with the Speed Round. To see what topics need your attention.

Design Essential Lessons

Adobe Illustrator

The foundation of what Illustrator is used for as a designer as well as how to navigate the Illustrator interface.

Link to Lesson 01

Adobe Photoshop

Before we dive deep into Photoshop we need to discuss a few things first.

Link to 01 - Starting Points

Adobe InDesign